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22-24 March 2019, Ekaterinburg

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Head of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

Dear participants and guests to the International educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL!

Today the city of Ekaterinburg is a large industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Russia. A convincing confirmation of this is the annual industrial exhibition "INNOPROM" held annually in the capital of the Urals. In the summer of 2018 our city will host the participants and football fans during the FIFA World Cup. Besides, Ekaterinburg is a candidate for hosting the world EXPO-2025.

The international educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL was included in the list of exhibitions held in the territory of Ekaterinburg with the official support of the Ekaterinburg City Administration in 2018.

The exhibition is supported by the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region. The general partners of the project are the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Sverdlovsk Region, the Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration, Bank "Ekaterinburg" and Publishing house "Prosveshcheniye ". The organizers of the exhibition are the Interregional Exhibition Company-Ural and the Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration.

The motto of the exhibition and forum is "Smart solutions for a successful future!".

The geography of exhibitors is quite broad. The program is packed with events and features German and French speakers introducing international studies programs, as well as representatives of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yalta, Kazan, Perm, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

Dear exhibitors and visitors, I wish you an interesting and fruitful communication! And I hope that you will remember these days spent in one of the most beautiful cities of the Russian Federation – Ekaterinburg – for a long time!

Minister of general and professional education of the Sverdlovsk Region

Dear participants and visitors to the educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL!

Education is the largest element of the social sphere and one of the basic priorities of the Governor and the Government of the Sverdlovsk region. Every day about 900,000 children and youth attend educational organizations, about 70,000 teachers are employed in the education system. In the Sverdlovsk region, the education sector is financed on a priority basis. About one third of all expenditures of the Sverdlovsk region’s consolidated budget is spent on education. I am confident that the funds allocated annually to the education system ensure the development and quality of education and we are making the most serious efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the state policy in terms of the education in the Sverdlovsk region. This is demonstrated by our students’ success in contests and olympiads of various levels, including international ones, and by the participation of our region in the most ambitious educational projects.

The Sverdlovsk region is ready to share its knowledge and experience, and give advice to other regions. And the events like the educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL provides an opportunity to present the educational potential of our region, introduce innovations, raise the population’s educational level, outline the prospects for the future cooperation of its participants, which strengthens the competitiveness of our region.

This year, the organizers of the exhibition have presented the education system in various aspects: its openness to partnership, profession choice opportunities, personal development.

From preschool to higher education, continuous education throughout life as a new time requirement – all these opportunities for self-realization and the region’s progress as a whole are presented at the exhibition. After all, as we all know, a country's development prospects are determined by health, education and well-being of its population.

I am glad that the exhibition actively responds to the challenges of the time, and the themes are getting wider from year to year. Today, inclusive education and development, comprehensive security, catering and medical equipment of educational institutions are being considered as well.

Dear participants and visitors to the educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL! I wish you success, discoveries, development and cooperation for the benefit of the education!

Head of the Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

Dear exhibitors, guests and organizers of the International educational exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL!

Today, the guarantee of the successful development of each organization is its openness and its manager’s ability to respond to changes in the world. The International educational exhibition and forum, the motto of which is "Smart solutions for a successful future!", offers cooperation opportunities to professionals from different fields: education, science, culture, medicine, construction and business.

Nowadays, the education is a powerful resource for the development of the entire Russian society. The younger generation seeks quality knowledge in order to become successful and self-sufficient and therefore to feel confident in any life situation. That is why the education system has a difficult task to solve - to prepare (to provide key competences to) the younger generation, which should become successful after school graduation and fully realize their potential 10-11 years after the beginning of school studies.

The education system is designed to outpace the development of the economy and the social sphere, and to prepare the staff for forthcoming transformations. This has been repeatedly emphasized at the meetings of the State council for the general education improvement under the President of the Russian Federation.

With the arrival of new realities, it is necessary to change the content of education, shifting the focus to making the education meta-subject oriented and useful in the daily life. Newly organized school or kindergarten learning environment and a new quality teacher training are required, too.

How can this be done in the current situation considering the inert character of the education system? What effective modern pedagogical and management technologies shall be chosen in order to shape the education that would meet the needs of individuals and the society today and tomorrow? Our educational exhibition is designed to answer these questions, and, in my deep conviction, it will become a new vector for business partnership promotion. This large-scale event attracting competent and strategically thinking specialists to the capital of the Urals will be a new vector in the development of business partnerships.

Dear exhibitors and guests of the International educational exhibition and fair SMART EXPO-URAL! I wish you a constructive dialogue and new professional discoveries!

Director of the Labor and Employment Department of the Sverdlovsk Region

Dear Friends,

As the spring arrives, students usually actively set their life goals and their parents have to deal with increased concerns about the future of their children who are getting to an end of their studies, be it a comprehensive school, technical school, college or university.

On the threshold of a new life situation when the further education place or a job is to be chosen, it is worth seriously thinking about the future career path and career planning.

In my opinion, a visit to the SMART EXPO-URAL exhibition is an important step towards understanding personal educational plans, discussing issues of prospective employment, deepening the understanding of various professional occupations, as well as considering the ways of being competitive when entering the job market.

In general, the ability to successfully navigate the job market and in educational services offers, readiness to establish business relationships, the ability to analyze diverse information and make conclusions will support your progress towards a decent life quality in today’s society.

Move forward towards this direction. I wish you great success!


Opening hours:

  • 22 – 23 MARCH:   10:00-18:00
  • 24 MARCH:           10:00-16:00

    Historical square, Gorkogo street 4A
    Ekaterinburg, Russia


Government of the Sverdlovsk Region

Government of the Sverdlovsk Region

Ekaterinburg City Administration

Ekaterinburg City Administration ЕКАТЕРИНБУРГ.РФ

Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

Bank «Ekaterinburg»

Bank «Ekaterinburg»

Prosveshcheniye Publishing House

Prosveshcheniye Publishing House


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