Smart Expo Ural

20-22 March 2020, Ekaterinburg

The exhibition starts in

Ekaterinburg City Administration officially supports SMART EXPO- URAL

SMART EXPO-URAL has been included in the list of exhibitions organized in the territory of Ekaterinburg to be supported by the Ekaterinburg City Administration. Approved annually, the list comprises the most significant events held in the capital city of the Ural region.

The international education exhibition and forum SMART EXPO-URAL will take place in the Ural design development center on 23-25 March 2018.

SMART EXPO-URAL is a new project based on the education exhibition that has a long history in Ekaterinburg. In 2018 the exhibition will be launched in the new format under the brand of SMART EXPO-URAL to provide an updated, interesting and comfortable atmosphere for an efficient dialogue and smart decisions regarding education and professional training. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Education Department of Ekaterinburg.

Exhibitors from Ekaterinburg could apply for partial compensation of their participation costs in the framework of the Small Businesses Subsidizing Program of the Ekaterinburg City Administration. Subsidies are provided to reimburse expenses for the rental of exhibition space (exhibition stand), the registration fee and build-up costs. Reimbursement is subject to no more than 50% of actually incurred expenses. The maximum amount to be refunded through subsidies may not be more than 150 thousand rubles (please check the information about necessary documents on the Ekaterinburg City Administration official website).

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Government of the Sverdlovsk Region

Government of the Sverdlovsk Region

Ekaterinburg City Administration

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Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

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Bank «Ekaterinburg»


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