Smart Expo Ural

20-22 March 2020, Ekaterinburg

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Your exhibition stand

Participating in an exhibition is for sure a great opportunity to promote your company’s goods and services. Since an exhibition brings together a large number of enthusiastic visitors who are interested in the exhibition topic and can be your potential customers, the big question is – how to make your stand as effective as possible?

Stand options (by location):

  • Linear stand is located in a row with the neighboring stands, one side is open;
  • Corner stand is located at the intersection of aisles, two sides are open;
  • Peninsula stand provides a great exhibits visibility, three sides are open;
  • Island stand is surrounded by aisles. It is a perfect option for big companies with large stands (usually exclusive).

Stand design

Designing a stand is of great importance as an eye-catching and professional looking stand will help you create a positive image of your brand and be a focal point for visitors.

Stand options (be design):

Standard stand


The most common and popular option. We provide you with a ready-to-use stand made of standard elements including walls, signboard, carpeting, lamps, furniture and other equipment (according to the standard stand scheme provided by the Organizer). A standard stand is an easy solution for exhibitors looking for a comfortable exhibition space.

A standard stand can be completed with additional elements, such as your logo, a banner, an image coating according to your design, etc., so your booth will outstand and get a customized look.

Standard stand scheme>>

Exclusive stand


The most prestigious and high-status option. The bespoke design is created according to your requirements or a ready project, using the best materials, innovative technology and based on the latest trends in the exhibition design industry.

An exclusive stand is your company’s face which grabs visitors’ attention. It is also your effective tool to maximize your benefits as an exhibitor.

If you are planning to have an exclusive stand, we recommend you to contact our General stand builder which has proved its competence and trustworthiness over years. Or you can engage a different stand builder of your choice. In this case your stand builder will be required to get an accreditation from our General stand builder.

Mobile stand (owned by the exhibitor)


Functional, compact, lightweight and stable structure easy to assemble and fit in any space (raw space or standard stand) you will book. With these structures you can bring your style everywhere you exhibit.

Raw space


It is your best option if you are planning to:
  • build an exclusive stand
  • use your own mobile exhibition structures
  • use additional brand elements, such as suspended banners, illumination, etc.

Create your Perfect Stand and enjoy your success at the exhibition!

For any questions regarding stand options, please contact the Exhibition Organizers.

Opening hours in 2020:

  • 20 – 21 MARCH:   10:00-18:00
  • 22 MARCH:           10:00-17:00

    Historical square, Gorkogo street 4A
    Ekaterinburg, Russia


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Government of the Sverdlovsk Region

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Education Department of the Ekaterinburg City Administration

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